Are Flour Tortillas Vegan?

Tortillas are an ideal plant based dish and wheat or flour tortillas can be a healthy element of any vegan diet. However, not all flour tortillas may be vegan. Yes, some flour tortillas may involve animal derived elements, such as lard, in the cooking process, making them non-vegan.

Since it is difficult to completely eliminate flour tortillas from your diet, the next best thing is to come up with a tortilla recipe that is in line with your vegan lifestyle and a vegan diet. Vegan tortillas can be used to make a wide variety of tasty and vegan Mexican food like tacos, burritos, tortilla chips, tortilla wraps, etc.

Are Store Bought Flour Tortillas Vegan?

A traditional store-bought pack of tortillas is not usually vegan, since lard or animal fat is used in the cooking process. The packaged tortillas that you can find at the supermarket sometimes contain dough conditioners, such as L-cysteine, that are non-vegan.

L-cystein is an animal derived product and the prefab tortillas that you find in stores are made from this kind of product in general. Instead of spending hours looking in the grocery store for store-bought vegan flour tortillas, the best course of action is to whip up vegan flour tortillas at home.

What Are Some of The Animal Products in Tortillas?

Here are some of the primary animal products that you can usually find in the wheat tortillas that are not vegan.

  • Lard: This is a kind of saturated fat collected from the abdomen of a pig that was traditionally used in making tortillas. It is used to make the tortilla dough.
  • Butter/Margarine: Butter or margarine is the modern-day alternative that many people use to make tortillas. However, it is an animal product since it is produced directly from bovine dairy.
  • Glycerin: Glycerin that is used for cooking may be of two kinds – vegetable and animal. The tortillas that are not vegan make use of animal glycerin. If you want, you can use vegetable-derived glycerin as a vegan alternative here.

Vegan Friendly Flour Tortilla Recipes

vegan flour tortilla

You can make tortillas at home that are vegan and made with whole grain and vegetable shortening. To start off this Mexican recipe, you will need four basic things, all of which are plant-based and vegan friendly. These are whole wheat flour or cornflour (for corn tortillas), salt, water and vegetable oil. Olive oil can be a really good vegan choice for this.

The following recipe will allow you to make 4-5 flour tortillas in only 20 minutes. You can use this super simple recipe to make all of your favorite vegan dishes from scratch.

Step 1

Mix a cup of whole wheat flour, salt, 1/4 cup of water and 2 tablespoons of olive oil in a bowl. You can use your hands or a spoon or fork to complete this step. Ideally, you should stir it for a little over 1-2 minutes.

Step 2

Check the consistency of the dough at this point. Is the dough too dry and flaky? If it is, then you should add a little more water there.

Step 3

Once you’ve mixed the dough around and come up with a big lump of dough, you should make 4 to 5 smaller balls immediately. To make sure that they are not sticky, it is a good idea to sprinkle a little whole wheat flour on the dough balls.

Step 4

Find a flat surface and sprinkle some flour on it. Press the first ball that you have made on the dusting of flour. Turn the ball with your hands and press it until it is flat. If you feel the dough is sticky, you should dust it liberally.

Step 5

In the next step of this recipe, you have to take a rolling pin and flatten the soft ball of dough into a thin circle. Make sure that the size of the circle is almost like a frisbee. Flatten the dough further by spinning it around and then rolling it properly with the help of your rolling pin.

Step 6

You need to flash cook the tortilla at high heat to make sure that it remains soft and tasty. To do this, you need to get a large pan and put it on high heat. There’s no need to add any oil to the pan at all. Take the tortilla and throw it onto the pan. All you have to do is cook it for 30 seconds on each side. Brown spots mean that it is cooked. You now have a soft and tasty flour tortilla made.

Step 7

Repeat these steps for all the balls of dough that you have made. Once your warm vegan flour tortillas are ready, you can use them as food for life. You can make anything you want, such as burritos, tortilla wraps, quesadillas, tortilla chips, tacos and much, much more.

The Best Vegan Tortilla Brands

Here are some of the tried and tested tortilla brands that you can use if you don’t have the time or the skill to make your own tortillas. They are the best flour tortillas vegan.

Mission Tortillas

This is a really great brand that makes vegan tortillas. They make use of enzymes that are 100% plant based and their other ingredients are also plant based. Mono and disaccharides are used in their vegan tortillas and corn tortillas. These tortillas are vegan and can be trusted.

Guerrero Tortillas

Guerrero is one of the most trusted and authentic tortilla brands available. In fact, their corn tortillas are also gluten-free. The corn and wheat flour that they use is sourced from ethical providers and they have also been certified kosher. There are no animal products in it.

La Banderita Tortilla

If you find homemade tortillas too difficult, then you might want to check out this brand. Their tortillas are made in different sizes, depending on what you are going to use them for. They have whole wheat tortillas, corn tortillas, gluten-free, tortillas and more. All of their products are vegan, and the tortillas are very cheap.

Old El Paso Tortillas

These whole wheat tortillas are very popular in the United States and North America. In fact, they are actually one of the first brands to come up with vegan food for life. All their tortillas are vegan and the baking powder, flour, oil, baking soda, etc. that they use are 100% plant-based and cruelty-free.

Food for Life Tortillas

This is a really great brand that specializes in making organic and vegan alternatives at a very reasonable cost. Their products are all vegan, non-GMO and free from all kinds of enzymes and preservatives. Other brands may contain preservatives, but this brand is all about whole foods that are organic, healthy, vegan and very tasty.

Some Final Thoughts About Gluten-Free & Homemade

As a final suggestion, we would recommend you not getting into the hassle of finding vegan tortillas and go for making tasty, hygienic homemade tortillas in the first place.

The ingredients are cheap and organic versions are very easy to find. You can also use coconut oil in place of olive oil and whole wheat flour in place of traditional flour. You will find that maintaining a vegan lifestyle and diet is simple if you decide to get creative with the best vegan ingredients that you can find.

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