Benefits of Vegan Lifestyles

When it comes to keeping a check on your diet or following a certain dietary lifestyle, you might’ve heard of a phrase floating around “We are what we eat”. Well, we’re here to tell you that this phrase couldn’t be closer to the truth and our fellow vegans couldn’t agree more!

We might not even think twice after consuming what we eat, where does it come from or what would it do to us. That’s where the “vegan lifestyle” or “veganism comes to the rescue because of its benefits, both to the mind and the body. Now you might be thinking “ Are the greens that good for me?” and well things are about to get much greener than you think and probably the best kind of green!

Veganism: What is it?

Veganism is the practice of abstinence from all sorts of animal products, dairy products and only focusing on the plant side of things. A vegan diet solely includes plant-based products and disregards any other diet plan which includes meat, eggs, and even honey, etc. Shifting to a Vegan Lifestyle is a major lifestyle change that is not easy to bring about. Many around the globe have started preaching this way of life and how we as humans can work towards a society free from animal cruelty and animal-sourced products. As humans move towards healthier lifestyle options, vegan products remain at the top of the list.

Benefits of Vegan Lifestyle

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Now the reasons for this practice can range from ethics to personal health. Needless to say, the list of pros that comes with the vegan lifestyle is surely a sight to see as a vegan diet offers health benefits not many can anticipate at first. But rest assured as we have done the research for you and here are five of the many health benefits of veganism that will surely catch your gaze!

The natural way

One of the many reasons why you might opt for a vegan diet is that all of it comes naturally. In short, there’s not that much processing that is being done in these plant-based products which directly impacts health in a majorly positive manner. Since the vegan diet is plant-based thus it contains fibers, iron, protein, etc but some nutrients might be hard to find in the vegan diet thus proper research and consultation is mandatory. 

Not only the food industry but others such as the clothing industry have also started to realize and take a vegan approach. Organizations are promoting activists fighting against animal-cruelty by adopting vegan principles in their manufacturing etc. Veganism is surely creating a buzz in the industries worldwide and we’re all for it! 


When it comes to skincare, the vegan community is quite lucky in this case as eating fresh fruits and veggies corresponds directly to fresher and healthier skin. Yes, your diet reflects in your skin. Research indicates that a vegan diet benefits the skin in ways we didn’t even know before! Why? Well for starters since it is plant-based thus vegan diet is also a constituent of anti-oxidants which help with many skin conditions such as acne, psoriasis, eczema, etc.

Research has also shown that many dairy and animal products can cause hormonal imbalance as these products have hormones of their own plus the additional hormones that are added later on for the market. This imbalance of the hormones is also a critical factor related to the skin problems.

Weight loss

Not just feeling healthy but looking the part is also something many are striving for these days. An increase in unwanted body fat which leads to an increase in the overall weight, veganism has contributed towards weight loss as a key player.

Plant-based food products are much healthier than the processed animal food products, since the latter has more fat and calories. Thus opting for the low-calorie plant-based diet is an obvious and smart choice.

Diseases and health issues

Research and studies have shown that meat is now considered as a Group 1 carcinogen while red meat is said to be a Group 2 carcinogen and as we know carcinogens cause mutations to the DNA of cells which ultimately leads to different kinds of cancer.

Studies have shown that plant-based foods have certain biologically active compounds in them that are effective against cancer which is known as “phytochemicals” and thus decreases the risks of getting cancer.

High cholesterol levels have also been reported due to the consumption of animal-based food products because they are high in fat which gives birth to heart issues.

Animal rights

The most major and prominent reason why many vegans are so passionate about their vegan lifestyles is the fact that they’re against the exploitation of animals. They believe that by following the path of veganism they’re boycotting these industries that are involved in this exploitation. And by the following veganism, we will surely be benefitting the animals that have to go through so much just for the sake of our consumption.

Vegans and Vegetarians: Same thing?

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The terms vegans and veganism sound a tad bit similar to each other which is why many confuse the terms. So we’ve done the research to help you choose what you think is best for you.

A vegetarian is the one who abstains from all the by-products of animal slaughter and is comfortable with using dairy products such as eggs, honey, etc while vegans abstain from both animal-based products and dairy products. But which is better? Well, that depends upon you and your perspective on things as both have their pros that will surely motivate you to implement a healthier lifestyle!

The Vegan Lifestyle: Should I go Vegan?

Many believe that animal cruelty must stop and consumption of animals just for the sake of our consumption is immoral, unethical, and is defined as the exploitation of animals.

Vegans all around the world are implementing veganism in their lifestyles and have shown us that what seems like a simple lifestyle change takes a lot more effort than what some might think.

Leaving a non-veg diet is something that can create a bit of hesitance in people at first and sometimes they feel pressured when they see all the restrictions present in the vegan community. But the thing is people, progress at their own pace. Even many vegans today state that they felt scared at first when they heard how strict the diet plans were but at the end of the day it all comes down to you. 

If necessary, take baby steps, and try removing the non-veg products one by one. Rome wasn’t built in one day and neither was veganism. So this lifestyle is for you and only you can decide how well it suits you.

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