Steps for Transitioning to Veganism

There are a thousand reasons why someone would want to be vegan. They live a guilt-free, animal-friendly life, they munch on light, plant-based foods which do not put any strain on their digestive systems and so on. There are a thousand reasons to envy vegans. 

And perhaps even you’ve asked yourself “how can I transition to vegan?” or “how to become a vegan?” wherever you got the motivation from, we’d like to commend you on the decision of transitioning to veganism! 

But the thought of not knowing where to start, how to start and how to maintain the lifestyle can haunt some of you out there. We can assure you that your thoughts are completely natural and thus we’ve listed down some easy steps you can take to get your ‘transition to veganism’ adventure started right away.

Why should I go vegan?

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Veganism as a whole has surely created a buzz around the world and we couldn’t be happier. Why do people go vegan? Well, it might be the animal-cruelty-free diet for some. While on the other side of the spectrum, some may be considering it due to the increase in the number of health issues everywhere. Veganism seems to offer solutions to so many problems of today’s day and age. So if you’re asking us whether to go vegan or not, we’d probably say go for it, but, with proper research and consultation.

Here are some benefits of the vegan lifestyle that will help you make the decision: The Benefits of a Vegan Lifestyle.

Can I become Vegan Overnight?

Ahh! A question that we’ve heard so many times from our aspiring vegan community,  “how to become vegan overnight?”

The question itself is as exciting as the topic and the answer is also pretty exciting. It’s you! Yes, it all depends on you. If you’ve recently seen and learnt how daily-use non-veg products are actually made, chances are you might be tempted to throw all the non-vegan products out at once and never look back at your non-veg life again. While it may sound a bit extreme, it is highly effective and many of our vegan buddies have tried and tested this approach successfully. Anger and remorse are very strong driving forces!

On the other hand, the thought of such a drastic lifestyle shift may sound intimidating and we’re totally with you on this one! Such decisions affect everything about your life and also probably, others around you. Don’t rush it. Set up a plan for yourself. It doesn’t need to be very complicated or fast-paced at the starting. Just keep things simple for yourself and then keep moving forward from there.

From Vegetarian to Vegan: Green all the way?


While some may be starting their vegan transition from the very beginning, others might’ve covered half of the way. That’s right, we’re talking about vegetarians. In short, vegetarians abstain from all animal slaughter products such as meat, beef, etc but consume all dairy products such as eggs, milk, honey, etc.

So if you’re a vegetarian and have now decided to completely refrain from playing your part in the exploitation of animals or just go vegan for your personal health goals, transitioning from vegetarian to vegan will be comparatively, much easier for you and you can go ahead and skip some of the steps in our guide below. But if you’re a newbie to all this, then you need to strictly follow this step-by-step guide on how to transition to veganism!

Transitioning to Veganism

Research time!

No matter what kind of a change you might be thinking of applying to your lives, proper research and awareness is necessary.

Even though veganism might sound like just eating plants all day to the newcomers, it’s actually more complex than that. Why? Because since the word veganism as a whole encompasses so many other consumption decisions, and is ever-expanding at such an immense pace that transitioning to a vegan lifestyle requires you to do some research and properly understand what kinds of green situation you’re getting yourself into!

Whether it’s reading articles like this one, reading books, watching different movies, or listening to different podcasts based on veganism, there’s a whole new world of information out there just waiting for you to take the first step.

Slow and steady wins the Greens!

Although setting a goal for yourself and completing it with a snap of your fingers would be great but it’s very unlikely that any of us have that kind of magic. But what we do have is perseverance and patience. And in transitioning to veganism, you need to befriend patience and perseverance as the first line of defense.

Rome wasn’t built in a day! So going vegan will also take some time. It could take days, weeks or months, but you’ll get there, so don’t be hard on yourself. Take baby steps; set daily, weekly or monthly goals, and sum them up at the end of the year. Realize that all humans work at different paces. So realize your pace, set your track, and hop onto the vegan train!

Have some Vegan buddies!

In today’s age, it’s particularly easy to find support groups or communities that you can relate to. As with other issues, vegans from different parts of the world, too, have become unified on social media platforms (and offline) where they share experiences, give advice, or just have a chat with each other to see how everybody’s “vegan adventures” are going.

Whether online or in-person, these communities can provide a variety of routine and diet plans along with some great advice to help you to transition to veganism as you can listen to their experiences and share some of your own too! We, humans, are social creatures, and socializing, in general, helps us to validate our feelings and make our decisions. 

Veganism as a whole is such a vast topic that we just can’t fit everything in this article. There’s still so much to learn and to talk about regarding veganism even for the experts on the topic. So if you’re just beginning here, getting some help from your vegan buddies around the world will definitely prove to be a great way to get started on your green venture!

Two Vegans are better than one

Another way to get yourself started on this transition is to ask someone close to you to join in. It can be a family member, a friend of yours, or even a work colleague. This will keep you and the other person motivated and committed to the vegan transition and thus make the process faster and easier for you. 

Do some research together, exchange ideas, follow the same pattern, correct each other’s mistakes, motivate each other, tell them to take a break or to keep on going; a helping hand is always nice especially if you’re climbing the greens!

You’ll like it if you cook it

Yes, we came up with that phrase but it does have a back story. Many vegans, tired of the same old vegan recipes, have experimented on their own to create masterpieces, most of which you can find (and be amazed) online. We understand that always having to substitute ingredients isn’t very easy but it is another great way to transition to veganism. 

Cooking can actually be pretty therapeutic and is a popular hobby all around the world.  Now we might not be professional chefs here but we sure do know our way around the kitchen when it comes to preparing a special meal as a form of selflove and care. So if you like cooking as much as we do then you should definitely try preparing your own meals. This way you’ll also be aware of what goes into your food and be able to control your diet plan a bit more.

Ranging from articles and cookbooks to digital content, there’re tons of simple and easy-to-make vegan recipes you can try for yourself. Be creative, spice it up a bit, bring out your inner vegan chef and let your imagination flow!

Start with breakfast

Whether you’re starting your day at home or are on the road, a healthy breakfast can make your day go a lot smoother (and greener). And if you’re looking to transition to veganism, then a vegan breakfast is a great first step for you.

And you might’ve even completed this step if you generally prefer having oatmeal, pancakes, or salads for breakfast. But even if you’re not, transitioning to a vegan breakfast will still be a relatively simple task as there are tons of vegan breakfast options out there for you.

After adding a vegan breakfast to your daily routine, try switching up your lunch or dinner and soon, all three of your meals will have become vegan. 

See what we mean? Small steps translate into the entire thing very easily when you start with the step you’re most comfortable with.

Do some Vegan Shopping

With the buzz that veganism has created, every industry has now become sensitive to the vegan community and has launched vegan-friendly products, which for us, is good news! From vegan food products to vegan clothing, we now have variety for all! So another step for transitioning into veganism is to do some vegan shopping.

In today’s day and age, so many of us do not have the time or energy for cooking full fledged meals everyday and rely on ready to cook items. Fortunately there are enough frozen and pre-prepared vegan food comes available in the market. With a little bit of planning and restocking your kitchen shelves, you can easily transition to veganism in no time!

Even if you don’t want to get rid of all your animal products right away, just take it step-by-step and product by product. And before you know it, your kitchen, as well as your day-to-day life, will be transformed in front of your eyes!

Keep it Exciting

One of the things we absolutely love about vegan food is the number of products available and the amount of nutrition that you can get from just one meal. And don’t even get us started on all the different kinds of combinations that can be made with even the simplest of plant-based products!

Ranging from burgers, sandwiches, wraps for the foodies and different kinds of ice-creams for the dessert lovers to bringing in salads, stews, and soups to keep the calories balanced, a vegan diet can be made fun, exciting, and light. 

Refer to different recipe sources to spice your veggies up a bit. Try something new every day, whether it’s homemade or market-bought. This way there’s no chance you’ll ever feel dull or bored of the vegan lifestyle and you can keep exploring the huge world of veganism with ease and joy.

Can I cheat?

When following a certain dietary routine, there’s a term called a “cheat day” that any day of the week when you don’t follow your respective dietary plan. The term might sound a bit off to some but actually, it can be more helpful than it sounds for those who are just starting their veganism journey.

Many of the top athletes today try to integrate a cheat day into their healthy lifestyle. The reason is that eating super healthy all the time gets a bit tough and repetitive for them so they have a cheat day which helps them stay on track and look forward to a little pleasure.

Following the same track, beginner vegans can integrate cheat days at the start of their plant-based diet plans if they’re not ready to go completely vegan at once.

But with that being said, it is also compulsory for us to leave our comfort zones in order to fully commit to our goals, especially if we’re talking about veganism. Having cheat days might make things easy at first but with time you’ll have to remove cheat days from your diet plan if you want to fully transition to the vegan lifestyle.

We’re Cheering for You!

So at the end of the day, what matters the most to us is you and your well-being. Whether you’ve taken the initiative to go vegan, at the brink of switching or are just thinking about it, we’re cheering for you from the sidelines!

Many people may get demotivated along the path. We understand that for some, the diet may become boring, or tough to follow, so if it becomes too much for you, we’re still here for you when you want to try again. 

We hope that this article will be helpful in your transition and the step by step guide is simple enough for anyone to follow. Best of luck, Stay safe and stay healthy!

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