What should a vegan tourist eat?

When you’re “off the beaten track,” it can be harder, but there are plenty of really good vegan options in grocery stores when you’re ready to pack your groceries on the go. My favorites are Happy Cow and Vegman, who find restaurants near you that are suitable for vegans, and VeganXpress, which lets you find vegan options on the menus of popular restaurant chains. I just finished a great Lebanese meal, it’s just that the Lebanese place near me makes most of its food vegan. It’s mostly made with barley, onions, mushrooms, and herbs, and is usually vegan. Be sure to ask for vegan mashed potatoes or fried potatoes and pureed neeps on the side.

Many airports have a good selection of vegan food, and there’s even an app called GateGuru that shows your airport’s restaurants. To my surprise, it was easy to find vegetarian and vegan food in Iceland, both in restaurants and grocery stores. The company’s CEO recently went vegan and plans to create vegan versions of everything on the menu. Available in book or app form, The Vegan Passport is a multilingual phrasebook and guide to vegan food anywhere in the world.

It just made the trip to Iceland a bit easier to know that there are food options for vegetarian and vegan eaters there. There isn’t really a way to vegan traditional Icelandic food like fermented shark, fish, and sheep dishes. You can also download it as an app for Windows, Android, and Apple phones. The priceless Vegan Passport is a pocket-sized book that describes what vegans eat and don’t eat in the languages of over 96% of the world’s population. And it includes as a fail-safe picture guide. There are some who never intended to opt for the vegan lifestyle, but a vegan diet is much better than letting a disease or medication rule your life.

Almost every restaurant and restaurant across the country is really good for vegetarians, and an ever-growing number of places have at least one vegan choice. I’m a vegan for my health and when I started researching how vegans help the planet and animals, I decided I would certainly never go back. Yes, you can buy a lot of food on the market and cook it yourself, but many restaurants serve over 90 percent meat-based food.


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