Which Country Has The Most Vegans?

The vegan movement has been continuously growing in popularity during the 21st century. It’s been gathering supporters worldwide for its ethical form of living and belief that all sentient creatures have an equal right to life and freedom. Which is the country with the most vegans, though, and what are the reasons behind it?

Unfortunately, it’s seemingly problematic to create a comprehensive analysis of vegan demographics because it requires all the world countries to participate. However, we can use various polls, trends, and internet searches to form a satisfactory interpretation.

Currently, the most vegan-friendly country turns out to be the United Kingdom, which has been in the leading positions for more than a few years.

So Why is the UK The Country With the Most Vegans?

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The UK has always been a world leader in the vegan movement. Few people know that the term “vegan” was first introduced on the island when plant-eating advocates founded the Vegan Society back in 1944. There are over 600,000 vegans in the country, and the numbers have been steadily growing in the past few years. Moreover, the number of vegans quadrupled in just five years! We can take this as a sign that the vegan trend still has a ton of potential to flourish and reach millions of people worldwide.

We can attribute some of this rapid rise in popularity of veganism in the UK to Veganuary and other non-profit organizations, aiming to promote and educate people about the vegan lifestyle. Besides, vegan social media influencers actively introduce the plant-eating lifestyle to their followers and successfully recruit more and more supporters. Turning to veganism can sometimes be a media-driven choice, as with everything else.

Additionally, according to recent data, 4 of the top 10 most vegan-friendly cities in the world are located in the UK. These include Manchester, London, Edinburgh, and Bristol, which tops the list. Not only that, but the country is a host to more than 6400 vegan restaurants, which makes up for one restaurant for every 1000 people! Not many countries can boast such numbers. All in all, the UK seems to be one of the best places to be vegan nowadays!

The Most-Vegan Friendly Countries


Of course, the UK is not the only country that’s become a vegan haven.

1. Israel

According to a 2015 poll conducted by a famous Israeli newspaper, more than 5% of the population in Israel identifies as vegan, which makes it one of the countries with the most vegans per capita. We can only imagine that the number of supporters has grown considerably in recent years as the vegan trend thrives.

We can partially explain the statistics with the relatively expensive meat, religious Kashrut rules, and the easily-accessible vegetables. Moreover, Israelis seem to be naturally preoccupied with ethical living because of their traditions.

2. Australia

Australia is another country that’s been leading the global vegan trend for years now. With presumably over 450,000 vegans, Australia used to be the country with the highest number of plant-eaters for two years in a row. More and more new products on the Australian market (around 8%) are now labelled vegan, which goes to show the popularity of the vegan movement.

What’s more, overall meat consumption in Australia has shown a significant decline, considering that Aussies used to be some of the biggest meat consumers worldwide.

3. Austria

According to some information online, more than 1% of Austrians identify themselves as vegans. This data may come striking because traditional Austrian cuisine consists of various meat dishes. Moreover, the country is one of the top dairy product producers, with the average consumption per capita standing at a staggering 126.7 kilograms (280 pounds).

We all know the traditional schnitzels and strudels. Well, guess what, you can now find them in vegan forms! Not only that the vegan movement is growing more powerful than ever here, but more than 9% of the population identifies as vegetarian! All in all, Austria is a great place to be vegan.

The Bottom Line

Today, the United Kingdom is the country with the most vegans, but quite a few other countries are close behind them on the race to the top spot!

The vegan trend continues to amass supporters as society starts to think on a global scale. As technological progress is steadily evolving, more and more people become interested in ethical living in unison with nature and all sentient creatures. 

Over the past few years, numerous non-profit organizations dedicate enormous efforts to educating society about veganism. As a result, several countries, including those mentioned above, have conjoined on the race to become the most vegan-friendly country. Perhaps in just a few years, vegetarianism and veganism may fashion a new global food revolution. With the Earth’s resources depleting, now is the best time to rethink our eating and food production habits!

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