13 Ideas for Vegan Camping Meals

There’s nothing like spending a day outdoors camping, and enjoying your favorite meals with your loved ones. The trees, the shining sun, birds chirping, and the warm breeze accompanied with the hustle and bustle of the leaves, it’s getting closer to mother nature for all our vegan pals out there!

Whether it’s homemade or store-bought, long gone are the days when vegan food options were scarce because today we’ve got some of the best and simple ideas for vegan camping meals that you can enjoy without breaking a sweat!

Without any further delay, let’s dive right into the details.

Supplies: What should I bring?

camping grill

When it comes to camping, one of the important and exciting parts about it is packing supplies for the adventures ahead. From camping gear to basic supplies, you’re the head of the ship so carefully analyze what you’ll require on this trip. Making a list is always a wise decision. So grab a pen and paper and jot them down. But when it comes to cooking the food, we usually go for these classics.

  • Campfire (harder to control temperature but versatile)
  • Camping Grill (harder to bring but easier to cook)
  • Camping Stove ( less cooking space but easier to bring)

It can be quite a challenging task even for those who have had some experience camping before and if it’s your first time, there is simply no need to worry because we’ve listed some essential supplies you should definitelty bring along your camping trip.

  • Cooking pots
  • Mugs
  • Camping gas
  • Water bottles
  • Water Cooler
  • Disposable dining
  • Cutting board
  • Oven mitts
  • Frying Pan
  • Tin foils

You should have these essentials with you at home as well, in case of emergencies. And here are some food items that you also store in case of emergencies: Top 10 Vegan Survival Food

The Early Morning Breakfast


Oats: A Quick One!

Oats have to be our all-time favorite breakfast idea even when it comes to camping. Quick, clean, easy to prepare provided with tons of varieties. You can even prepare it before camping and store it in jars. From fruits, nuts, berries, jams and much more, oats are surely on our vegan camping list and after this read, they’re probably on yours too!

Pancakes and Muffins: For the sweet tooth

Pancakes and muffins are another breakfast classic! Although they have to be baked at home before camping but are simple and easy to make plus there are lots of varieties to try. Portability is also something they’re a good option.

Banana pancakes and banana muffins, pancakes with maple syrup and berries, chocolate muffins, and much more have a special place in a vegans heart as they’re perfect for a vegan camping meal breakfast.
Psst! Here are some facts about maple syrup that you should know if you’re vegan. Yes, you’re favourite syrup might not always be vegan-friendly. Read more about it here: Is Maple Syrup Vegan?

Granola Bars

When it comes to having a quick snack or breakfast, granola bars are right there on the list. Whether you’re a fan of peanut butter and jelly or chocolate chip granola bars, these can prove to be quite the vegan camping meal if done correctly. You can use maple syrup instead of honey with almonds, nuts, or even dates for these easy-to-make vegan-friendly granola bars. They’re high in nutrition and can keep your daily intake of calories under check. 

We actually have a whole list of Vegan Cereals that you need to check out! Find them here: Top 5 Vegan Cereals

Salads: Where are the Greens?

tomato cucumber salad

Watermelon and Spinach Salad:

As vegans, salads are probably your best friends on a camping trip. A fresh salad can make an early morning full of energy. We might’ve heard of many salad combinations but the watermelon and spinach salad might be new for some as it surely was for us!. With some lime juice, cucumber, chopped onions, and some proper seasoning, this is a great option for the salad lovers out there.

Lime avocado salad: 

Similar to the watermelon and spinach salad, the lime avocado salad is an all-time classic and is super easy to make. Some lime juice with salt along with chopped tomato and garlic makes this salad a great contender in the easy vegan camping meals list.

Also, Avacodo is on our list of Best Vegan Brain Foo`ds that you definitely need to check out!

Chickpea salad:

For our vegan protein fans out there, chickpea is a major player in the game! From the aroma to the flavor and the accessibility, a chickpea salad has to be on your vegan camping meals list. 

The number of modifications that can be done to this meal are quite remarkable. Add olives or avocados with some seasoning or use your imagination on this one, the chickpea salad is surely on our next vegan camping list.

The mid-day lunch:


Sandwiches and Wraps: Which ones can I make?

So the morning has passed and now you’re looking for something to eat at lunch. Well look no further as below are some vegan camping meals options for lunch you surely don’t want to miss.

Smoky Tofu Lettuce Tomato Sandwich:

Smoked tofu combined with the classic tomato and lettuce sandwich is an easy-to-make vegan camping meal. Some maple syrup, smoked paprika, soy sauce with some salt and pepper give it the seasoning that will make this sandwich a flavorful experience to remember!

Vegan Caesar Smashed Chickpea Sandwich:

A Caesar dressing along with some chickpea salad in a sandwich is another great option for all our vegan campers out there. This nutrient-rich and tasty sandwich only takes a couple of minutes and with minimal cooking required.

And the best part is that you can even make it without the caesar dressing. Just simply add the chickpea salad with some lime juice seasoning along with your preferences and you’ll have a delicious and easy-to-make sandwich ready to savor.

Veggie and Hummus Wrap:

When it comes to wraps, they’re considered as an easy-to-eat and make meal while being user friendly and in our case, vegan friendly! Get your favorite veggies like cucumber, jalapeno, spinach, tomato along with some home-made or store-bought hummus and you’ll have a camping wrap for yourself that you won’t be able to resist!

Do you love Chinese Food but have given it up ever since you switched to the vegan life? What if we told you that you don’t have to give it up entirely? Learn how here: Is Chinese Food Vegan?

Dinner Time!

mushroom burger

Burgers: What’s in the buns?

With burgers being an all-time favorite of vegans around the globe, it’s an obvious choice to include them in our vegan camping meals list. Here are some burgers we think will make for a great dinner at your camp-site!

Vegan Mushroom Bean Burger:

With mushroom being a powerhouse of vitamins, nutrition, and of course being so mouth-wateringly delicious, combined with some veggies along with your favorite vegan sauces, they surely make a splendid vegan camping burger for all!

Sweet potato and bean burger:

For a really easy and simple sweet potato bean burger, get your sweet potatoes with some salted black beans along with your preferred greens and even rice to get yourself a healthy burger in no time at all for the camp!

Soup: Fit for Every Sip

Soups are considered a healthy delicacy among all vegans. Not only are they full of nutrition but serve as a great appetizer as well. Ranging from tons of spices, veggies, and other ingredients from your imagination, soups are the epitome of aromatic food that leaves you wanting for more.

Simple Tomato Soup

The famous tomato soup is a delight for many vegans. Easy to make and perfect for camping, this is a great dinner candidate along with some of your favorite snacks!

Burritos and Tacos: The Mexican delights

On a summer dinner time, burritos and tacos are a well-known delight while being super healthy at the same time. Whether homemade, store-bought or even made while camping with your favorite veggies and sauces, they can turn a camp dinner into an exciting vegan camping meal that will leave your tummy full.


Even though camping is a fun trip and preparing vegan meals for it is also as much as exciting but still, one thing to keep in mind is that we shouldn’t pollute the camping site and shouldn’t waste any food before, during, after, or at any time even when making your meals.

With that being said, have a fun camping trip with our favorite ideas for vegan camping meals for you!

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