9 Vegan Barbecue Ideas

Summer is here, and so it is time to break out the grill and have a barbecue party outdoors with all of your loved ones. However, if you’re newly vegan, then you might be in need of some simple vegan BBQ ideas that will transform your BBQ party into a rager.

There are a ton of flavorful and tasty vegan grill options out there which this article is going to explore. If you need vegan BBQ ideas, this is the ideal starting point for you. These vegan barbeque ideas and the recipes are so simple that even a novice griller will be able to through the best vegan bbq.

1. Vegas Ribs – The Ideal Dish For Any BBQ

If you are holding a BBQ party, then one menu item that needs to be present is BBQ vegan ribs. Use this vegan ribs recipe and you will be able to impress the hardcore meat eaters as well!

To make these, you’ll need white mushroom caps, seitan wheat gluten, garlic powder, paprika, onion powder and BBQ sauce.

Seitan is an amazing vegan meat alternative that you can use to make delicious vegan BBQ ribs. All you need to do is dump all these ingredients into a food processor and blend it properly.

Then, you need to pour the mix into a dry mixture and stir it. Keep doing this until the mixture turns into a stretchy bowl of dough-like material.

Put this in the baking pan and cook it in your oven for 25 minutes to half an hour. Remove the material from the oven and cut the flat shape into rib pieces.

Then take this outdoors and grill it while lathering it generously with a helping of BBQ sauce. After it is done, you’ll be able to serve it hot with your favourite sides – mashed sweet potatoes, collared greens, coleslaw, herb rice, etc.

2. Grilled Veggie Skewers – The Best Appetizer for Your BBQ Party

grilled veggie skewers

If you want to serve your guests with some lip-smacking BBQ appetizers, then you should whip up some grilled veggie skewers for them. The trick is to get fresh veggies straight from the farmers’ market because that really changes the entire game!

When it comes to vegan BBQ, you have to make use of all the amazing in-season fruits and veggies that are available. You’ll need zucchinis, mushrooms, onions, cherry tomatoes, pineapple, bell pepper and yellow squash. Try to use bamboo skewers while you are doing the grilling outdoors.

To make sure that the skewers don’t catch fire, you should soak them in water for 20 minutes at least. Also, did you know? Bamboo is a porous and eco-friendly material that is ideal for skewers and BBQ. win-win!

After you slice the veggies and place them on the skewer, you need to brush them with a condiment to make sure that the flavour is retained.

A mix of virgin olive oil, basil, oregano, salt and pepper is perfect for giving a rich and smoky flavour to your veggies. Keep basting the veggies while they grill and you’ll have yummy grilled veggies in 20 minutes! Serve them with vegan soy sauce as they are or with rice.

3. Vegan Thai Satay With Peanut Sauce – Add Some Spice to your BBQ

Vegan BBQ options have diversified immensely over the past few years. Culinary experts and inventive vegans have managed to find substitutes that let them make oriental food as well. In fact, the vegan Thai satay is a delicious (and healthy) barbecue appetizer that is going to get your guests lining up around the yard with plates in their hands.

You will need tofu, corn, bell pepper, onions, button mushrooms and cherry tomatoes. Just like before, you should use bamboo skewers while you are grilling your tofu and your veggies.

You need to marinate your veggies and tofu before grilling them for flavor. The marinade is very easy to prepare since all you need are kaffir lime leaves, coconut milk, cilantro, garlic, sugar, salt and a little splash of vegetable oil. And of course, no satay is complete without peanut sauce.

Vegan peanut sauce is very easy to make – all you need is peanut butter, brown sugar, limes and garlic. Keep basting the skewers with the marinade as it grills to ensure maximum flavour.

After 15 minutes, you should be ready to serve the tofu and veggie satay skewers with a generous helping of peanut sauce.

4. Roasted Cabbage Steaks – A Tasty Vegan Alternative to Steaks

If you want to whip up some delicious vegan steaks, then cabbage is a great choice to explore. Cabbage is very flavorful and it also packs a punch – making it ideal for some outdoors grillin’!

This is a very simple recipe and all you will need are green or red cabbage, olive oil, salt, garlic powder, paprika and some red pepper flakes for added flavor.

First, you need to cut the stems off the cabbage and cut it into disks that are ¾ of an inch thick. Place the disks on a baking sheet on a tray and brush them generously with a mixture made of olive oil, paprika, red pepper, salt and garlic powder.

You could also rub the steaks with your hand to make sure that the spices get absorbed properly. You can make these steaks directly on the grill outdoors or you can also bake the cabbage steaks for 25 minutes at 400°F. Serve it hot with some mashed sweet potatoes and lemonade.

Psst! You can even make a vegan burger/veggie burger with this vegan bbq recipe!

5. The Best Vegan Mushroom Burger to Soothe Your Soul

Barbecue is a time for soul food, which is why you need to whip up some comfort food that is going to soothe your tummy as well as your soul. No BBQ is complete without a killer burger and that is why you should try out this vegan burger to serve to your guests.

You need a pound of fresh button mushrooms, red onion, sunflower seeds, rolled oats and panko. First, you need to clean, cut and cook your mushrooms on medium to high heat until they are soft.

You also need to make a caramelized onion (or onions, if you’re serving more people) on the same frying pan. Transfer a third of the onions and the mushrooms into a food processor.

Next, you need to add the oats, breadcrumbs and sunflower seeds to give the patty the right consistency and texture. After processing the mix you will be able to make 5 to 6 individual patties.

You can grill the patties or you can bake them in your oven at 400°F for 20 minutes. Serve hot between two succulent buns and generously garnish the burger with onions, lettuce, tomatoes, mango chutney, dill pickles and more. Voila! Your delicious veggie burger is now ready to eat and your vegan bbq just got a whole lot better. (Even for all the meat eaters!)

6. Mexican Corn on the Cob – A Summer BBQ Staple

corn on the cob

Vegan bbq party or non vegan bbq party, If you’re not serving corn on the cob, then you are not even having a BBQ party. Corn on the cob is an American BBQ staple and it is one of the tastiest vegan dishes to make at home. It is also extremely simple to make, and it can be enjoyed by adults and kids alike.

You need corn on the cob, paprika, olive oil, chill flakes, cumin, garlic, salt and lime. Mix together everything except the corn on the cobs in a bowl.

Firstly, you need to preheat your oven or grill to 400-425°F so that the corns can roast nicely. Then, you need to baste the corn pieces with the mix that you prepared earlier. The best way to make sure that the corn is coated nicely is by using your hands.

Lay out the corn on the cob on the tray and make sure that there is enough space between the pieces. This will make sure that the corn gets roasted properly. Roast them in the oven for around 20 minutes. Turn the corns over after grilling them for 10 minutes.

7. Grilled Summer Vegetables – For a Hearty Seasonal Summer Delight

Grilled seasonal veggies is the most fun veggie BBQ recipe ideas that you can try out. It is very easy to make and the end result is extremely tasty. You can even get your kids to eat their veggie salad if you grill them following this recipe.

You will need some of the basic summer veggies such as zucchini, bell peppers, portobello mushrooms, eggplants, carrots, corn, asparagus and cherry tomatoes. These veggies can be found all summer and they can also be sliced and grilled very easily.

Slice the veggies nicely into chunks that are of equal width so they all get cooked roughly at the same time. Make sure that they are all ½ or ⅓ of an inch in thickness. Drizzle the veggies with some olive oil and spread it evenly with your fingers for maximum flavour.

Season them with a bit of salt, pepper and some paprika. Lay out all of your veggies on the grill on medium heat and make sure that they are grilled evenly. 450°F is the ideal temperature for grilling veggies. Close the lid and wait until they are done fully.

8. Classic Vegan Lentil Burgers – Perfect for Any Vegan BBQ

Lentil burgers are one of the most inspired and tasty vegan BBQ dishes that any vegan cook can make. They are very easy to make and only need 15-20 minutes of prep time. They can easily become the star of your BBQ show.

You need a cup of dry lentils, greek yogurt, lemon zest, salt, button or cremini mushrooms, paprika, extra virgin olive oil and some all-purpose flour. Add cooked lentils, finely chopped mushrooms, lemon zest, salt, miso and a bit of paprika to a food processor. Blend away until the mixture is perfect.

You will be able to form a bunch of patties out of this mixture as well. You can then bake or grill the patties in the oven, or you can grill outdoors. You can also fry the patties on a skillet if you want to get done quickly.

Once your patties have cooked evenly, you can serve them between two buns of your choice. You should also add some delicious seasonings to the burger, such as yogurt, crunchy sprouts and some dill pickles. You can make this into a whole meal by adding some sweet potato fries and iced tea.

9. Watermelon and Strawberry Slushie – A Cool Drink For Summer

How can we forget drinks! A slushie is a perfect drink for the tepid summer months and it will certainly be the drink of choice at your party. Nothing is more refreshing than some watermelon during the summer and we’re sure that this is a slushie recipe that you will keep returning to.

You need a small watermelon, around 200 grams of small strawberries and the juice of 2 limes. Cut the melon into medium chunks and remove the skin and the seeds.

Next, place the wedges that you have cut into a bag and pop them in the freezer for a few hours. This will let the watermelon get nice and cold for you to make into a slushie.

Take the frozen watermelon and put it in the blender along with the strawberries and lime juice. Keep blending until the mixture has a smooth and delicious slushy consistency.

Pour the slushie into glasses and serve cool with a straw. If you want to make it cooler, you can add some ice cubes. P.S: This drink will go perfectly with your vegan burgers.

Final Thoughts

We’ve provided a list of 9 of the tastiest healthy vegan recipes that you can make at a vegan bbq party. You can also use popular vegan meat alternativess like jackfruit, potatoes, avocado, beans, corn and other plant based options to make burgers, steaks, a side dish, salad, etc. Other barbecue staples like slaw and kebabs can also easily become show stoppers if made correctly.

Grilling these vegetarian dishes will give them a rich and smoky flavour, which will be loved by all. For a healthier alternative, you can try out the baked versions as well. Happy Grilling!

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