Best Organic Vegan Shampoos


Being a vegan doesn’t only mean eating well, it also means treating our bodies, other people, and the earth well. That’s why you should really consider using natural and organic shampoo brands, to stay true to your moral values when you’re doing haircare/personal care as well. There are many different brands for organic vegan shampoos, …

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The Omega 3 supplements for Vegans


For those of us strictly following plant-based diets, getting a daily fix of omega-3 through conventional food sources isn’t easy. While vegetarians may look towards seafood like salmon or cod to fulfill this deficiency, these Omega-3 rich foods aren’t an option for vegans.  This is where Omega-3 supplements come into play, although finding the right …

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Best Vegan Mass Gainers


So you hit the gym now and then to keep your gains in check. But keeping this grind up with a vegan lifestyle can be quite the task especially when it comes to finding a vegan mass gainer.  Although the market for vegan mass gainers is very limited and even finding a “true” vegan mass …

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Are Flour Tortillas Vegan?


Tortillas are an ideal plant based dish and wheat or flour tortillas can be a healthy element of any vegan diet. However, not all flour tortillas may be vegan. Yes, some flour tortillas may involve animal derived elements, such as lard, in the cooking process, making them non-vegan. Since it is difficult to completely eliminate …

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What Are The Vegan Sources of Selenium?


Selenium is an essential mineral that takes care of a lot of functions in the body. Food sources of selenium are an important element of any balanced diet. If you want to know all about proper selenium sources, then this is the perfect starting point for you. Despite being a trace mineral, any dietary reference …

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Vegan Sources Of Iodine: How To Get Iodine In Vegan Diet?


To maintain a healthy body and physique, consuming enough minerals and vitamins is essential, especially for vegans. Iodine is one of those minerals and must be included in your diet.  It is a crucial ingredient for regulating metabolism, thyroid hormones, initiating protein synthesis, and boosting your immunity, thus playing a significant role in neurological function, …

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9 Vegan Barbecue Ideas


Summer is here, and so it is time to break out the grill and have a barbecue party outdoors with all of your loved ones. However, if you’re newly vegan, then you might be in need of some simple vegan BBQ ideas that will transform your BBQ party into a rager. There are a ton …

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Is Palm Oil Vegan?


Palm oil is a vegetable oil that is derived from palm fruits, which are widely found in countries like Indonesia and Malaysia. Oil palm trees are a very important natural resource and palm oil is one of the staple consumable products of the 21st century. Since palm oil is obtained from trees, it is usually …

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