7 Vegan Tips to Lose Weight


People have this misconception that losing weight with a vegan diet is very easy. They think no matter what they eat, as long as it is vegan, losing weight would be easy. This is no less than a major misconception.  Veganism is not equal to weight loss; in fact, it is easier to gain weight …

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What Is Vegan Lotion?


Vegan lotion follows the same fundamental principle that every vegan product does; it avoids any animal or animal by products. So in vegan body lotions, you will not find traditional skincare ingredients like honey, beeswax, lanolin, collagen, etc. Lately, people have become more aware of the vegan phenomenon and trend around the globe that has …

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Is Sushi Vegan?


Over the years, sushi has evolved from a luxury dish into a popular delicacy enjoyed by people from around the world. Sushi is a rice-based dish, of Japanese origin, and consists of small balls or rolls of rice flavored with vinegar and topped with other condiments. The sushi is typically finished off with an egg, …

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How to Prepare a Wedding with Vegan Food


As more people become aware of animal cruelty practices that take place during production and manufacturing processes, a greater number of consumers are adopting a vegan lifestyle. To keep up with evolving consumer demands and expectations, restaurants and superstores are offering more vegan options. However, when planning large events, it can be tricky to come …

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What is a Paleo Vegan?


Paleo Vegan, also known as a pegan diet, is a plant-based food that does not contain any type of dairy or animal product.  Although paleo and vegan are very different from each other, Paleo (includes meat) is inspired mainly by the hunter-gatherer ancestral diet, whereas the Vegan diet is all about plants.  The name is …

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Steps for Transitioning to Veganism


There are a thousand reasons why someone would want to be vegan. They live a guilt-free, animal-friendly life, they munch on light, plant-based foods which do not put any strain on their digestive systems and so on. There are a thousand reasons to envy vegans.  And perhaps even you’ve asked yourself “how can I transition …

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What Is Vegan Shampoo?


If you’re trying to live a greener, vegan lifestyle, you might want to consider that being a vegan doesn’t just stop at food. There are all kinds of vegan hair-care and body-care products that can help you adopt a cleaner and healthier lifestyle. The vegan shampoo is one of these products: a shampoo is considered …

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What Is Vegan Shrimp?


Whether you abstain from meat and seafood for environmental, ethical, or dietary reasons, we know that it can be hard to be left out from delicious seafood dinners.  But hey, don’t worry! There is a growing demand for plant-based replicas, especially when it comes to shrimp. There are many alternatives to animal products, and we …

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How to be Vegan and Gluten-Free


With consumers becoming increasingly aware of production and manufacturing processes, people have become more conscious about what goods they purchase and which brands they buy from. Moreover, veganism has become an increasingly popular choice for many conscious consumers in the modern day. While most people follow the vegan diet out of choice, some diets such …

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How to Make Vegan Frosting?


Vegans are often on the lookout for new and authentic frostings to tantalize their taste buds with their all-time favourite desserts. The vegan frosting is not only delicious but healthy as well. And the best part is that it is easy to prepare and ideal for cookies, cakes, and cupcakes. To make vegan cake frosting, …

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