Can vegan food go bad?

Tofu is a popular meat substitute and a staple of the vegan diet. Although tofu can last longer than real meat, it’s important to remember that tofu is a perishable item and can spoil. Pre-cooked tofu can become contaminated after the cooking stage, so if you serve it raw, you risk serving contaminated food. I get really annoyed by food that spoils, probably from having had to eat a lot of questionable things growing up food insecure, so I turn down things my husband eats (or at least tastes) all the time.

A vegan diet is still the safest diet if you’re worried about food poisoning (I mean, I’m sorry, but eating dead animals is kind of asking for it, in my opinion), but you have to know some simple rules if you want to stay super healthy. Mold should never be ignored in any food product, but bread is one food where mold is most often seen due to its short shelf life. The more a food is handled and processed, the more likely it is to pick up harmful microorganisms that can cause food poisoning. The more a food is handled and processed, the more likely it is to pick up bacteria that can cause food poisoning.

For authoritative guidance on food safety issues, consult your local government agency or Food Standards Australia New Zealand. Most people who become ill from food do so because of faulty food preparation and contamination problems, not because of use-by dates. However, foods of animal origin are high risk once they are out of date and foods of plant origin are low or no risk once they are out of date (depending on the particular food). All foods eventually spoil, but there are many staple foods that offer excellent value, can be prepared in large batches and have an incredibly long shelf life.

From cafes to caterers, market stalls to supermarkets, all food businesses in Australia must meet all federal, state and local food safety training requirements. The foods most at risk of contamination are those that do not require further cooking, for example, salads or fruit. The Australian Food Safety Institute’s nationally recognised online Food Safety Supervisor course is 100% online.


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