Can vegan food make you constipated?

This is because the two different kinds of fibre are found in a lot of the food consumed as part of a vegan diet. As well as foods that are high in soluble fibre, you should also try and avoid rich, oily foods that are high in bad fats. Vegan constipation can happen due to inadequate intake of fiber or water, food intolerances or allergies, medication side effects, or other causes. First, exercise moves food through your intestines quicker, which reduces the amount of water absorbed from the food waste in the large intestine.

They are predominately highly processed, which means they typically don’t offer the same level of nutrition as whole foods (and keep in mind that much of the research done on the benefits of a vegan diet has been based on whole foods). If you’re vegan and experiencing constipation, you can be rest assured that it’s not due to a problem that’s inherent to the vegan diet. The Food Monster App offers over 10,000 vegetarian and vegan recipes chalk full of essential minerals and vitamins to help you create a balanced menu.


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