Can vegan food make you feel sick?

It’s true that a vegan diet can benefit your health immensely, but no diet can make you invincible. Even vegans, especially new vegans, can experience bloating, gas, heartburn, and general stomach discomfort from time to time. Because non-vegans don’t have access to fruit and vegetables? And finding the answer to your problem can feel very overwhelming and hopeless at the same time, leaving you stuck in the mud and potentially spinning tires.

And how many of them initially had a healthy vegan diet? I said that can’t be true because most of the ingredients in vegan food are things that meat eaters eat normally. This means you should get used to larger amounts and new types of foods (especially cruciferous vegetables and beans, both some of the healthiest foods in the world) within a few weeks. I had to do my own research to figure out which foods I should avoid because so many doctors wanted to go straight into medicine or simply transition to my diet and completely ignored my experience with food.

A vegan diet is very restrictive in that it removes key food groups that provide certain vitamins, minerals, fats, and amino acids in higher concentrations than you can only get from eating plants. For relevant information on food safety issues, please contact your local government agency or Food Standards Australia New Zealand. Claiming that a vegan diet made you sick and tired is detrimental to this beautiful and important exercise and can only be attributed to not eating enough healthy foods. Mineral deficiencies are inevitable in a vegan diet due to the lack of fat-soluble catalysts in plant foods.

I take comfort in the fact that most people I know who are 100% vegan slowly went vegan over a period of years. The opposite is true for people who are passionate about all the new vegan ready meals they can try. It wasn’t long before I found out that I had to eat a larger amount of food with every meal. So that’s what I’ve done with foods that I think I should eat.


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