How to Get More Zinc as a Vegan


Our bodies need zinc for many different functions. From wound healing to powering your immune system, the mineral is critical to our health and vital operating (even more so for women). However, most of the best sources of zinc are meat, dairy products or other non-vegan items. Does this mean that getting the right amount of …

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Is Brown Rice Vegan?


Rice is by far the most readily available staple food, derived out of starch. It can be found in homes and restaurants globally. Why? Well for starters it goes with a lot of things, it’s easy to cook, and it has a lot of types such as white rice, brown rice, basmati rice, and many …

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Is Wool Vegan Friendly?


The thought of winter might have you thinking about a warm fire, sipping on hot drinks, in a cozy sweater –  maybe not one made of wool, though. Why? Well, this is because the process of acquiring wool typically involves a lot of animal cruelty. So, is wool vegan friendly? Certainly not! Despite being a …

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What Sugar Is Vegan?


As a vegan, one has to refrain from a lot of things; ranging from meat and eggs to dairy products and honey, but what about sugar? If you’re wondering whether sugar is vegan or not then the short answer is yes and no. But how can something be a “yes and a no”? Well, our …

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10 Traveling Vegan Tips


Finding vegetarian options while you’re travelling, especially if you’re not in a cosmopolitan city, can be a bit of a challenge. Since veganism is now just hitting the limelight, you might struggle with finding vegan options but it isn’t always a dead end. Many people seem to think that vegan travelling is basically impossible. However, …

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What Bread Is Vegan?


Bread has been and will always be one of the most popular staple foods in the world, thanks to its versatility, convenience, and value for money. Bread is used in many recipes and can be an amazing addition to almost every meal: the question is, is bread vegan? The answer is usually, but not always. …

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7 Vegan Tips to Lose Weight


People have this misconception that losing weight with a vegan diet is very easy. They think no matter what they eat, as long as it is vegan, losing weight would be easy. This is no less than a major misconception.  Veganism is not equal to weight loss; in fact, it is easier to gain weight …

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What Is Vegan Lotion?


Vegan lotion follows the same fundamental principle that every vegan product does; it avoids any animal or animal by products. So in vegan body lotions, you will not find traditional skincare ingredients like honey, beeswax, lanolin, collagen, etc. Lately, people have become more aware of the vegan phenomenon and trend around the globe that has …

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Is Sushi Vegan?


Over the years, sushi has evolved from a luxury dish into a popular delicacy enjoyed by people from around the world. Sushi is a rice-based dish, of Japanese origin, and consists of small balls or rolls of rice flavored with vinegar and topped with other condiments. The sushi is typically finished off with an egg, …

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