What are Vegan Wings?


Crunchy, crispy fried chicken wings are a popular appetizer that non-vegans often enjoy with ranch dressing. But did you know that vegan chicken wings exist, too?  Yes, that’s right, there are many delicious vegan chicken wing options available that are made from different meat replacements. What are vegan wings, exactly? Well, they are vegan wings …

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All You Need to Know About Vegan Yogurt


Yogurt is a dairy food staple around the world, especially when it comes to breakfast, and it’s widely loved for its nutritional and health benefits and its endless diversity. The problem is yogurt- usually made from classic cow’s milk, is obviously off-limits for vegans. Fortunately, there are plenty of vegan alternatives for all the yogurt-loving …

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Best Frozen Vegan Food


Following a healthy vegan diet that fulfills all your nutritional needs requires proper planning. But of course, there are some days when you just can’t make the time for preparing a fresh meal. For days like those, you need something in the freezer for an emergency. Fortunately, there are now many vegan frozen food options …

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13 Ideas for Vegan Camping Meals


There’s nothing like spending a day outdoors camping, and enjoying your favorite meals with your loved ones. The trees, the shining sun, birds chirping, and the warm breeze accompanied with the hustle and bustle of the leaves, it’s getting closer to mother nature for all our vegan pals out there! Whether it’s homemade or store-bought, …

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10 Vegan Survival Food


If we learned anything from the unfortunate global pandemic, it’s that disaster can strike at any moment and we should always be prepared for emergencies. Some supplies that you should always have in reserve include a first aid box, extra flashlights, and perhaps most important of all, a steady supply of emergency food. NO, we …

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Best Vegan Brain Food


A vegan diet is all about paying attention to the foods you eat and really be as health-conscious as you can: if you decide to consume a particular vegan brain food, for example, you can really harness the power of your plant-based diet to improve memory and fight fatigue. Vegan diets have their own perks …

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Is Chinese Food Vegan?


The popularity of Chinese cuisine has reached the furthest corners of the earth and is enjoyed by people from all over the world. Chinese restaurants have especially become staple eateries in the US, offering fast and convenient takeout options with delicious food items.  But is Chinese food vegan? Well, although not entirely, you’ll be pleased …

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Top 5 Best Vegan Cereals


Breakfast, as we all know, the most important meal of the day: and is there anything better than sitting at your table with a big bowl of cereal and your favorite plant-based milk? We don’t think so! The question that holds back a lot of vegans from enjoying their breakfast is probably along the lines …

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Benefits of Vegan Lifestyles


When it comes to keeping a check on your diet or following a certain dietary lifestyle, you might’ve heard of a phrase floating around “We are what we eat”. Well, we’re here to tell you that this phrase couldn’t be closer to the truth and our fellow vegans couldn’t agree more! We might not even think …

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Vegan Egg Nutrition Facts


For people looking to switch to a plant-based diet, reducing the amount of animal protein we eat every day can be challenging. Even more difficult may be letting go of some of our favourite products, like milk, eggs, and cheese. It seems like we’ve always had almond and coconut milk as dairy-free alternatives, but what …

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