Do vegans eat chicken eggs?

Because of this, many vegans may feel conflicted about eating eggs while trying to live a vegan lifestyle. I didn’t live in a vegan household, so I had to learn what veganism meant and how to apply it to my life. If you adhere to the vegan lifestyle, wanting to adopt a chicken to give you a food source goes against it. A flexible vegan diet that includes eggs solves many of these problems for people who want to adopt a vegan diet for health and animal welfare reasons but are concerned about restrictions.

Selling animal products goes against the creed of veganism, but giving animals a place to live their natural lives is acceptable to most vegans. I have a vegan recipe blog (with lots of moral truth bombs sprinkled in) and I’d like to add a link to your article to my vegan resources page, if you don’t mind. Vegans do not wish to participate in harming animals in any way, whether through animal-derived food products, meat by-products, or products tested on animals. With a wide variety of vegan alternatives to chocolate, cheese, meats and more, going vegan has never been easier.

In fact, a study of 15,000 vegans found that vegans had healthier weight, cholesterol and blood sugar levels compared to omnivores. The definition of veganism states that no one exploits or is cruel to animals or uses them for clothing or food when it is plausible and possible to do so.


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