How do you eat whole foods while traveling?

Whether it’s by plane, train or car, it can sometimes be difficult to find healthy, whole plant-based foods while traveling, especially when it comes to remote locations or meat-loving cultures and regions. Top tips from a health coach on how to eat healthy when traveling. A health coach’s best tips for eating healthy while traveling. Whether you’re on vacation or traveling for work, these habits will make eating healthy while traveling a breeze.

You can bring prepared food to the airport AND on the plane, although liquids will be taken away at security. Peanut or almond butter with fruit jam or bananas; hummus or guacamole with veggies, cheese and tomato; or a turkey, tuna or egg salad sandwich that you know you can keep cold and eat in a couple of hours. They’re quick snacks for long trips and keep me from having to buy expensive food at the airport, says Lisa, Andrews, RDN of SoundBites Nutrition. She’s done some great blogs on how she eats while traveling that you should definitely check out.

Bring a cutting board and knife. I also like the challenge of making creative meals in hotel rooms, using unconventional cooking techniques. Print out this quick guide and refer to it as you pack and travel to help you eat well while traveling in the U.S. If you know your hotel is going to have a fridge and microwave, you can also bring extra frozen portions to eat at the hotel.

This app is especially helpful in countries where the local language isn’t spoken, says Chris Vogliano, MS, RDN of Forward Eating. Once you’re clear on that, there are foods you can pack to help you and your family eat well, which will make you feel better about your trip. Whether you’re traveling by plane, train or car, we have suggestions to help you eat well during your journey and once you arrive.

what should a vegan tourist eat?

There is a fully vegan organic restaurant on site, with homemade breakfast and dinner included with your stay. Vegans, for once, can experience the concept of culinary variety at restaurants and grocery stores that offer vegan barbecue (pictured above, from Homegrown Smoker, 8638 N. In fact, mere vegetarians still consuming dairy and eggs can feel downright old-fashioned. There are some who have never intended to choose the vegan lifestyle, but eating a vegan diet is far better than allowing an illness or medication to dictate your life.

Eating the nutrients of whole, plant-based foods is a given, but referring to vegan foods is a bit unnecessary. The good news is that there are (however few) a handful of ramen restaurants that include vegetarian and vegan dishes on their menu. Unfortunately, in today’s animal product-based world, it’s basically impossible to be 100% perfectly vegan in every way. You can find vegan soups (ask for the broth), potato dishes, cabbage dishes, sauerkraut, mushroom stuffed pierogis, potato and buckwheat dishes.

Plus, it was so colorful and pretty that even the waiter thought he could go vegan (at least part-time). Don’t forget to check out apps like HappyCow, which are invaluable when it comes to finding vegan-friendly restaurants, cafes and shops. Even big brands like Dominos and Ben and Jerry’s have jumped on the vegan bandwagon, using Israel as a testing ground for their new dairy-free products. The list of traditional foods most people visit Japan with can be yours, just with a few precautionary measures.

Lombard), vegan donuts (Doe Donuts, 8201 SE Powell) and, at the world’s first all-vegan mini-mall (1217 SE Stark), cashew cheeses, coconut bacon and dairy-free ice cream. An entire menu is dedicated to vegan starters, such as Gnocchi with vegan cheese or a vegan cheese and salami plate. Agrivilla i pini is a small organic vegan winery and farm located in the stunning Tuscan hills, not far from the centre of San Gimignano. Carefully crafted plant-based pizzas include the Broccolona (broccoli, vegan sausage, mozzarella, potatoes) and the Capricciosa (olives, artichokes, vegan mozzarella, tofu with turmeric).

Visitors who don’t eat animal products fit right in with Portland’s natural, cruelty-free ethic. However, my favorite Indian restaurant is great at substituting paneer for mushrooms, and has a nice purely vegetarian section (their code for vegan). You can also download it as an app for Windows, Android and Apple phones, The invaluable Vegan Passport is a pocket-sized book that describes what vegans do and don’t eat in the languages of over 96% of the world’s population; and includes, as a safety precaution, an illustrated guide. Don’t forget to bring your VEG1 or other supplements, especially if you’re worried about not being able to maintain a varied vegan diet while traveling, as fortified products can be harder to come by.

where should vegans travel?

I’ve calculated vegan restaurants per capita (i.e. the number of 100% vegan restaurants listed on Happycow per 100,000 people in the city). Glasgow has also been acclaimed for its vegan food scene, in fact, it’s been voted the most vegan traveler-friendly place in the UK. Mono, in the Merchant City area, has a light and modern menu with vegan versions of popular international dishes, such as Vietnamese salad and porcini risotto, bean burritos and nasi gorging. This destination isn’t all that surprising, considering the city’s history of radical politics, innovative live music and bar socializing, veganism is a good fit.

You may be as surprised as I was to discover that Scotland is a vegan diamond in the rough, considering neighboring Ireland and nearby Nordic countries are known for their meat-based cuisine. Most food is cooked with butter or ghee, so just ask the food vendor to use oil as an alternative. The only real options for vegans in Gdansk are to find Chinese or Indian restaurants, or to ask for dishes to be modified. The bar brews its own beer and also has a huge, airy performance space where you can listen to prominent musicians while enjoying your meal.

You’ll find a good vegan pub at the Flying Duck, as well as plenty of tasty meat-free options at most other pubs in town. Or you can stop by one of the city’s Swing Kitchen chains for a vegan burger and some really awesome hot fries. Going to a country with a signature dish called rice and curry is always a good idea for vegan travelers. At Vegan Restoran V you can experience vegan slow food and try fusion dishes like mushroom pate with smoked plum and sauerkraut seed chips or a spicy peanut tempeh burger.

Greens, in Fort Mason, was opened by Zen Buddhists more than two decades ago and offers gorgeous views of the bay along with a delicious selection of vegan dishes. Italian cuisine is so incredibly diverse that it’s hard to recommend specific vegan Italian dishes. Take a stroll through the Broadway Vegan Market, held every Saturday on Westgate Street just south of London Fields, or enjoy the atmosphere of street food stalls, DJs and fashionable crowds at the monthly vegan night market in East London (check the event’s Facebook page for date, time and location). Few cities can match the global variety of London restaurants sometimes on a single menu, as with the Indo-European-Mediterranean fare at The Gate (there are three locations, but the original is at 51 Queen Caroline Street in Hammersmith).

By Nadine from Le Long WeekendThe vegan food scene in New Zealand has exploded in recent years, with more and more cafes, restaurants and takeaways offering vegan options or even fully vegan menus. With dishes such as gado-gado (vegetables smothered in satay sauce), vegan spring rolls, noodles and tempeh, much of the best Balinese food is suitable for vegans. The tour will introduce you to the city’s vegan food culture and take you to some of the best vegan cafes in town, where you can sample a great selection of dishes. If you’re looking for an amazing place to eat vegan or vegetarian in Europe, you have to come to Berlin.

Vinnie’s in Brooklyn offers decadent and not-so-healthy, but delicious dishes like mac and cheese pizza, and you can indulge in gluten-free vegan cupcakes at Baby Cakes. The small African kingdom of Lesotho proved to be a challenge, as food options of any kind were limited there, and the concept of veganism was completely unknown. Keep in mind that cows are sacred in India and dairy products are a very important part of the Indian diet; make sure your meal contains no milk, butter or ghee before ordering, or ask for milk or soybean oil (respectively) to be substituted. Vancouver tops the list of Canadian cities, surpassing Toronto in terms of vegan restaurants per capita.

Pastva, and its vegan twists on Italian cuisine, is a favourite of vegan influencer The Little London Vegan. Even in traditionally meaty regions, such as the Balkans, you can find good vegan food if you plan ahead where to eat.

How can I eat vegan anywhere?

One day I go to a restaurant and they assure me that what they prepare for me is vegan, and I come back a few weeks later and they tell me that they use meat and dairy in every dish, and that they can’t do anything for me. This explains why, when two travelers sit in a restaurant and open the same menu, one may see a delicious vegan feast while the other may complain that there’s nothing for him to eat. Still, sometimes restaurants that don’t immediately seem vegan-friendly can prepare something plant-based with ingredients they already have on hand. There are often many side dishes that are vegan-friendly, or can be adapted, so I order a big plate of those.

Whether it’s at an American or Mexican restaurant, the side dishes will be loaded with a variety of vegetables, potatoes, or rice dishes. I’ve found that being plant-based has broadened my palette in home cooking and limited my options when eating out. Often, traditional local cuisine will include options that are naturally vegan or can be easily veganized, even if no one who lives there has ever heard the word “vegan.” The next time you go to a restaurant that is far from vegan, go straight to the side dish section of the menu.

All vegans who want to experiment with food are welcome in India, where 50 percent of the population is lacto-vegetarian, from street food to fancy restaurants, a large portion of the dishes are vegetarian, just ask them not to add ghee and voila you have your vegan meal. Before you set off on your next adventure, remember to pack some protein-rich vegan items in your hand luggage, cooler or picnic basket, such as dairy-free protein shakes, shelled almonds and plant-based energy bars. It’s usually easier to find dishes that are already vegan or can easily be made vegan in those restaurants. Or when you realize that you can make 10 of those 30 dishes vegan even if they don’t say vegan on the menu.

For me, eating at a restaurant that also serves animal products is no different than eating at my parents’ house. Not only can you ask around for restaurants, but also good grocery stores that offer vegan options, since eating out every time you eat is expensive. I’ve always found that eating vegan when I travel, whether internationally or in a small town in the US, is no problem at all, even in places where I’ve been warned beforehand that there would be nothing to eat. The more people who buy vegan options, the more vegan options become available: it’s supply and demand.

Available in book or app form, the Vegan Passport is a multilingual phrasebook and guide to eating vegan anywhere in the world. The Vegan Passport includes the languages of over 96 e of the world’s population and costs only about two dollars to download on iTunes or Google Play. From these figures, it should be clear that plant-based food is available almost anywhere on Earth you want to go. You can find vegan food at local restaurants, shop at grocery stores, get food on the street, or find local produce at farmers markets.

There are animal products in car tires, gelatin in movies in theaters, and many vegetables are still grown with animal-derived fertilizers, for example. There are some exceptions, of course, like remote Pacific islands where coconuts are the only local produce, but even then you can find a way to make it work. Since going vegan, I’ve never ceased to be amazed at the abundance of vegan food available everywhere I go. Vegetarians may love a place that specializes in cheese sticks and eggs benedict, but that doesn’t mean it’s an ideal place for vegans.


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