How to be Vegan and Gluten-Free


With consumers becoming increasingly aware of production and manufacturing processes, people have become more conscious about what goods they purchase and which brands they buy from. Moreover, veganism has become an increasingly popular choice for many conscious consumers in the modern day. While most people follow the vegan diet out of choice, some diets such …

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What are Vegan Wings?


Crunchy, crispy fried chicken wings are a popular appetizer that non-vegans often enjoy with ranch dressing. But did you know that vegan chicken wings exist, too?  Yes, that’s right, there are many delicious vegan chicken wing options available that are made from different meat replacements. What are vegan wings, exactly? Well, they are vegan wings …

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Benefits of Vegan Lifestyles


When it comes to keeping a check on your diet or following a certain dietary lifestyle, you might’ve heard of a phrase floating around “We are what we eat”. Well, we’re here to tell you that this phrase couldn’t be closer to the truth and our fellow vegans couldn’t agree more! We might not even think …

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Is Honey Vegan?

Is Honey Vegan

When it comes to wanting to add a little bit of (healthy) sweetness to our life, we often leap towards the jar of honey sitting there on our kitchen shelves. Now we, as consumers, might have different preferences and different questions in our mind pertaining to its use, such as, “Should I add it to …

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Are Swedish Fish Vegan? A Thorough Investigation

Swedish Fish Vegan

The vegan candy industry is on the rise because more people every day are becoming conscious of what they consume and how they consume it. A crowd favourite is the ‘Swedish Fish’. Contrary to what the name might suggest, Swedish Fish is not a type of fish. It is a chewy candy made in the …

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The 6 Best Sources of Vitamin D for Vegans

Best Sources of Vitamin D for Vegans

Vitamin D is one of the most important vitamins for our overall health. It helps to regulate the amount of calcium in the body and to keep bones, teeth, and muscles healthy. If you follow a vegan diet, getting the right amount of vitamin D every day can be a challenge because most Vitamin D-rich …

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Controlling Your Cholesterol the Vegan Way


Cholesterol has been the subject of debate and concern for several years, ever since cooking oils were brought under fire for raising cholesterol levels and various new “low cholesterol oils” were introduced. Since animal sourced foods are some of the highest sources of cholesterol, people that follow plant-based diets are generally believed to have lower …

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Can Vegans Eat Peanut Butter?


Peanut butter, a rich, creamy and moreish condiment that can make boring jelly sandwiches appetizing and chocolates more flavoursome. Just a spoonful of this mouthwatering peanut extracted butter can make almost any companion recipe go from blah to wow. But are you also wondering “can vegans eat peanut butter?” because almost all vegans want to …

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