Best Organic Vegan Shampoos


Being a vegan doesn’t only mean eating well, it also means treating our bodies, other people, and the earth well. That’s why you should really consider using natural and organic shampoo brands, to stay true to your moral values when you’re doing haircare/personal care as well. There are many different brands for organic vegan shampoos, …

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The Omega 3 supplements for Vegans


For those of us strictly following plant-based diets, getting a daily fix of omega-3 through conventional food sources isn’t easy. While vegetarians may look towards seafood like salmon or cod to fulfill this deficiency, these Omega-3 rich foods aren’t an option for vegans.  This is where Omega-3 supplements come into play, although finding the right …

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Is Palm Oil Vegan?


Palm oil is a vegetable oil that is derived from palm fruits, which are widely found in countries like Indonesia and Malaysia. Oil palm trees are a very important natural resource and palm oil is one of the staple consumable products of the 21st century. Since palm oil is obtained from trees, it is usually …

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How to Get More Zinc as a Vegan


Our bodies need zinc for many different functions. From wound healing to powering your immune system, the mineral is critical to our health and vital operating (even more so for women). However, most of the best sources of zinc are meat, dairy products or other non-vegan items. Does this mean that getting the right amount of …

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What Sugar Is Vegan?


As a vegan, one has to refrain from a lot of things; ranging from meat and eggs to dairy products and honey, but what about sugar? If you’re wondering whether sugar is vegan or not then the short answer is yes and no. But how can something be a “yes and a no”? Well, our …

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How to be Vegan and Gluten-Free


With consumers becoming increasingly aware of production and manufacturing processes, people have become more conscious about what goods they purchase and which brands they buy from. Moreover, veganism has become an increasingly popular choice for many conscious consumers in the modern day. While most people follow the vegan diet out of choice, some diets such …

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What are Vegan Wings?


Crunchy, crispy fried chicken wings are a popular appetizer that non-vegans often enjoy with ranch dressing. But did you know that vegan chicken wings exist, too?  Yes, that’s right, there are many delicious vegan chicken wing options available that are made from different meat replacements. What are vegan wings, exactly? Well, they are vegan wings …

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