Is Brown Rice Vegan?


Rice is by far the most readily available staple food, derived out of starch. It can be found in homes and restaurants globally. Why? Well for starters it goes with a lot of things, it’s easy to cook, and it has a lot of types such as white rice, brown rice, basmati rice, and many …

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Benefits of Vegan Lifestyles


When it comes to keeping a check on your diet or following a certain dietary lifestyle, you might’ve heard of a phrase floating around “We are what we eat”. Well, we’re here to tell you that this phrase couldn’t be closer to the truth and our fellow vegans couldn’t agree more! We might not even think …

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Is Honey Vegan?

Is Honey Vegan

When it comes to wanting to add a little bit of (healthy) sweetness to our life, we often leap towards the jar of honey sitting there on our kitchen shelves. Now we, as consumers, might have different preferences and different questions in our mind pertaining to its use, such as, “Should I add it to …

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Which Country Has The Most Vegans?

Which Country Has The Most Vegans

The vegan movement has been continuously growing in popularity during the 21st century. It’s been gathering supporters worldwide for its ethical form of living and belief that all sentient creatures have an equal right to life and freedom. Which is the country with the most vegans, though, and what are the reasons behind it? Unfortunately, …

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