That vegan food truck?

Seriously, if you’re leaning more vegan like many these days and want to enjoy some tasty junk food for lunch like your coworkers, you should find out for yourself why I now track down the Totally Awesome vegan food Truck every week. This restaurant is 100% vegan and does not serve any meat or food containing animal by-products. The popular Houston vegan and community food festival will be held on Dec. 4 from noon to 8 p.m. at Aveva Stadium. You can make any special order of crackers, sage dip, vegan cheese dip or a long list of vegan baked goods.

Spicy and delicious, there are plenty of vegan options to serve their hungry customers when it comes to Thai food. Middle Eastern food is another favorite of mine, and for anyone looking for a vegan option, falafels are always a good choice. I decided to take a closer look and saw that the cool lettering on the side said Totally Awesome Vegan Food Truck. Check out their schedule online so you too can enjoy the food truck that The Food Network chose as the best vegan restaurant in Kansas.

However, The Falafel Mafia food truck has some vegan options and can also be found parked on Spring Street in Portland. Pink and with a 1950s vibe, this retro vegan food truck will take you back to the days of malts and sock hops.


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