What plants are high in vitamin b12?

Knowing which foods contain naturally occurring vitamin B12 isn’t much help when none of those foods are an option for your diet. Plant-based foods do not naturally contain vitamin B12, so people following a vegetarian or vegan diet need to make sure they consume enough each day to avoid a deficiency. For vegans and those following whole-food, plant-based diets, tracking vitamin B12 intake is essential. As for all-vegan sources of B12, B12-fortified foods are considered the most reliable.

Vegans who consume adequate amounts of fortified foods or B12 supplements are much less likely to suffer from B12 deficiency than the typical meat eater. So it’s important to take the following vegan foods with vitamin B12 with a pinch of salt, and avoid relying on them as your sole source. Below are the top 10 vegan foods with the highest vitamin B12 content, for more information see the lists of high vitamin B12 cereals, high vitamin B12 cheeses and vitamin B12 vegan food nutrient rankings. Therefore, knowing which foods contain B12, which foods do not and how you can improve your B12 intake is absolutely essential for plant-based dieters, vegans and everyone else.

By opting for fortified foods or B12 supplements, vegans are taking their B12 from the same source as every other animal on the planet – microorganisms – without causing suffering to any sentient beings or causing environmental damage. In over 60 years of vegan experimentation, only B12-fortified foods and B12 supplements have proven to be reliable sources of B12, capable of supporting optimal health. It is very important for all vegans to ensure adequate B12 intake through fortified foods or supplements. Fortified soy milk is one of the best vegan foods high in vitamin B12. One cup of unsweetened fortified soy milk provides 125 of the DV, as well as calcium and zinc.

Every case of B12 deficiency in a vegan baby or misinformed adult is a tragedy and brings veganism into disrepute. Plant foods do not produce vitamin B12, so it is vital that vegans find alternative sources of vitamin B12 to stay in the best of health.


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